Business Travel GROUPLUS from AIG – What you Need To Know (Updated April 2018)

Group Travel Insurance and Business Travel

For those who does frequent Business Travel, here are some more updates on GROUPLUS from AIG :

  • No Age Limit (However limits are lowered past the age of 80 (this is a great feature as many company’s founders are often quite “mature” in age and the normal per trip travel insurance ceases to cover completely; some at age of 70/75).
  • All it needs to commence is a minimum annual premium of $1000 *S$2,500 and a headcount of 5.
  • It actually can be a Group Personal Accident policy (GPA) and a Group Travel Policy (Business Travel Insurance) combined into 1. *(The number of insured for the GPA does not have to tally with the Travel Insurance)
  • Their PA (Personal Accident) definition does not require severance of limbs unlike many other firms
  • Unlike Travelguard (individual travel insurance plan), which requires you to seek medical treatment upon return from trip within 2 days; GROUPLUS can allow you up to 7 days to see your physician if you are busy upon return and the *follow up treatments up to 60 days or $25000, whichever is earlier).
  • Covers pre-existing conditions. (eg. a person with hypertension who has been ritually taking his medication and declared fit to travel by his doctor, can still claim if he suffers a heart attack during his trip)
  • If you get robbed of the money you want to go change within 5 days from trip departure, it is claimable!
  • Unlike individual plans (Travelguard or any other travel insurance), which pays $100 or $200 for every 6 hours of flight delay, imagine you get stuck in 1 country and got delayed for 3 hours (can’t claim as it has not cross 6 hours under AIG’s policy wordings) and this resulted on you being late in catching the next connecting flight at another country (assuming the previous delay in flight caused you to be late 2 hours this time)…it’s a double whammy! GROUPLUS, on the other hand will just pay for every 6 hours delay at the DESTINATION country. Think about it, it makes more sense; as AIG will not bother how many flight delays you have before arrival but will reimburse as long as you are delayed for 6 hours and more on arrival!
  • GROUPLUS covers a maximum of 183 days outside Singapore per trip.
  • *Grouplus can cover “Partners” (no requirement to be legally married, as long as there is proof that they are living at the same address).
  • *There is an aggregate limit for aircrafts (so do remember not to get all the staff to travel on the same flight). However this limit does not apply to other modes of transport.
  • *No exclusion on pregnancy for medical complications (which must be caused by sickness or injury).

*Updated on 21 April 2018

Hope these extra benefits will make you think again why business travel insurance is important! Get your HR manager to contact us now to find out more!

Disclaimer : DO read the policy wordings for full details.