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Group insurance Singapore (GHS) has now become a commodity which all staff expects to have and companies’ HR department just gets one from theGroup Insurance Singapore market without scrutinizing the features, but attempts to bargain down the premiums in the name of saving costs for their firm. A grim reality but this is where we hope to show a different light to the product and enhance your experience when you get your employee benefits program from Income Singapore’s (Formerly known as NTUC Income) Flexcare GHS package as we will be introducing unique benefits and services through our in-house online program. Contact us and let us share with you the difference only WE at can provide!

For those who are unfamiliar with what is group insurance or GHS, you can visit this site for more information on it.

“Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.”

What’s happening in the world right now, is that many employers are having cost cutting measures and removing employee benefits, resulting in low morale and high staff turnover rates, which also leads to low productivity. In certain situations, workplace injury has even led to legal suits from the families of employees on their former bosses.

This is where group insurance or some might term it as Employee Benefits (GHS) can help. There are many insurers in Singapore providing this program; however we will highlight one of the most value-for-money plan, not because we represent them but look at their benefits and features which we will list them below & also why brokers and clients are singing praises about Income Flexcare:

NO requirement to fill up the tedious Group Fact Find Form (GIFF); as submission is done online.
• Income Employee Flexcare is available for companies even with just 2 employees (However, if you like the benefits and have more than 20 staff, feel free to contact us for a customised quote).
• Small companies can now enjoy dental benefits!
• Unlike many insurance companies, Income Flexcare’s GHS premiums will remain the same regardless of claims experience (as long as insured stays within the age bracket).
• You can choose between an “as-charged” plan or remain with the usual ones with surgical schedule.
• High SGD200,000 annual limit for their top plan.
• No need to pay extra premiums for Extended Major Medical (Increase of coverage), unlike some other insurers
• Co-insurance is only 10%, compared to other insurers of 20%
• Their Group Personal Accident (GPA) has medical reimbursement benefits, which many of their competitors only pays out on death due to an accident.

But remember if your company has more than 20 employees, feel free to ask us for a customised quotation.

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