Income’s PA Fitness Protect Insurance

For the fitness enthusiasts, whether you are doing your scuba diving, rock climbing, or training locally for your overseas cycling trips, conquering Ironman challenges or just having a friendly golf game overseas with a few friends, Income’s PA Fitness Protect Insurance is the right plan for you, as they are likely the only policy which covers for those unexpected incidents (like damages caused to the sporting equipment due to the sport). Did we mention, they also cover for the cost of your event (unused activity fees) cancellation?

I mean, how many insurers do you know that covers third party liability, equipment damages/loss and also event cancellation fees, should an accident occur?

If you are interested to get the policy for yourself and your entire group, feel free to click on the image below:

Income's PA Fitness Protect Insurance
Income’s PA Protect Insurance

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Income will not provide coverage if there is no receipts & the following requirements have to be met for sports equipment coverage:
1) The sports equipment has to be less than 4 years from date of purchase at the point of application of policy.
2) The sports equipment has to be bought from an authorised retailer & not marketplace platform or portal.

Yes, in practice Income will provide coverage for third party lability if the Insured is responsible for accidentally injuring someone or damaging someone else’s property overseas and there is no necessity to go to court, as private settlement is usually more cost and time efficient. Insured will have to provide Income with the documentations (e.g. medical report, receipts from the 3rd party claims etc) for the insurer’s claims assessment.
However, please take note that the insured must not be away from Singapore for more than 180 days in a row.

Yes, Income’s PA Fitness Protect can still provide the coverage, as long as it was caused by an accident during the sporting event.