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Your Insurance Guy has been a GREAT help assisting our ‘ unclaimable’ hospitalization bill. His attitude toward commitment to customer is rest assured professional and we are thankful to have him as our family insurance agent.
Katherine – Director
Your Insurance Guy possesses excellent product knowledge and has been most intuitive in anticipating my financial needs. He has been able to meet my expectations and I would recommend him as a highly committed individual to my friends who are seeking financial consultancy services.
Velda Mah-Marketing & Communications Director
Your Insurance Guy, is a great listener and has many fantastic ideas on how to add value to his customers. Thank you and keep those ideas coming!
Adrian Tan-Training Consultant
Just came across your website and read through the stuff you wrote. They are informative and very useful! I would like to buy the Personal Accident plan from you, which i am lacking currently. Pls send me an application form and I will either send back and/or mail accordingly.
Alex Ang – Teacher
Your Insurance Guy strikes me as a very earnest and approachable guy who goes the extra mile. He delivers what he promises despite his hectic and tight
Mrs Phang Siew Keng – Teacher
Your Insurance Guy provides very practical & informative news/analysis.
I love to read it as it keeps me updated what is happenning !! Bravo.
Yap Pei Wan – Accountant
Your Insurance Guy will assist you to his best, from endless queries and uncertainties to buying best rate travel insurance. He makes time to meet you, help you with form fillings. I have bought all sort of plans from him, from company-related insurance cover to fire insurance, personal plans etc. Be assured in quality service, non-pushy sales talk and great advice to keep you sane and covered! Thanks 🙂
Khing Koh-Director
He’s not only just my friend, he’s also my financial consultant (So far
what I invested,they all made $$) and he’s also one of my fav. insurance
agents. Recently, he has helped me to process my car insurance claims, that dragged for months; of which I didn’t buy it thru him. ^_^
Anvelyn Neo
(One of the Island’s Luxury Watch Retail Manager)
I found your insurance guy online and after reading about his history and some testimonials, I decided to call on him and try out his service and have not
regretted it as he comes across as a non pushy agent and even sold me a policy which I strongly believe was of little commission to him during our 1st
meeting! I will recommend him to my friends!
Shirley Tan-Engineer
I have had many independent financial advisers before your insurance guy….but so far, he has been the only one who graciously helped me process many of my claims (both personal and company’s) and has given me many invaluable advice which I believe comes from the years of experience he has in the
financial planning industry. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs
an insurance agent in Singapore.
Chin Ying-Clinic Manager
I’ve known your insurance guy for many years and throughout our
friendship, he hardly force sell his financial planning ideas to me. In fact,
during our annual review last year, he helped me in getting some much
needed funds from my policies to expand my business, without compromising my financial situation. I’m glad to have him as a friend and a qualified
financial adviser!
Lester Low- Music Director