Windscreen Insurance Claim : Repair or Replace?

Received a call last week from a client who had a broken windscreen; so as usual, the advice to her
Motor Insurance Windscreen Claimwas to head to any of the authorised workshops in Singapore under the insurance company’s panel.

What surprised me, was that my client called me again from the workshop saying that she had to pay S$107, to which I remembered previously in the past, clienteles merely needed to produce the Certificate of Insurance (C.I) for the workshop to administer the claim and then the insurer will later bill the customer a nominal fee to reinstate back the policy.

I called the insurer and learned a new lesson as follows:

Repair : If the windscreen is cracked and the windscreen workshop touches it up and make good the glass panel, the car owner can walk out of the workshop without reaching for his/her wallet.

Replace : If the windscreen is smashed to smithereens and has to be replaced by a complete new piece, then the car owner will need to pay a nominal fee. Basically, it is kind of “reinstating” the windscreen insurance, so that it does not affect the owner’s NCD (No Claim Discount).

Things which we learn daily…this is again another case where my clients are adding knowledge into my database of experience. If you need a quote for your personal or company vehicle insurance, Feel free to contact us