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Outpatient Insurance Plans have always been a benefit offered to the BIG Multi-National Companies, where the mere size of the company justifies for the premiums which allow for such plans to be effected on its employees in Singapore. Even if they are available, the outpatient insurance offered to the companies are nowhere as comprehensive as what we are about to share on this page.

outpatient InsuranceCurrently, most medical insurances only covers inpatient, but AIG Globalhealth  is one of the few comprehensive medical plans which covers outpatient as well; which probably is the reason why many expatriates and locals are buying into the plan, especially when medical costs in Singapore are rising rapidly.

Although AIG Globahealth can be considered as one of the good outpatient insurance plans, Let us first share some of the conditions of the plan which you might want to take note of :

  • A 12 month Waiting Period for Maternity benefits applies to policies when two or more Insured Persons over the age of 19 are covered under the Advantage 500 plan. whilst a 24 month Waiting Period for Maternity benefits applies to policies when a single Insured Person over the age of 19 is covered under the Advantage 500 plan.
  • For Examinations and Tooth cleaning: No waiting period, Routine Dental Treatment : 3 months waiting period, Major Restorative Dental Work: 6 months waiting period
  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions (doesn't all insurance)?
  • Maternity Benefits available to Advantage 500 plan only.
  • Only Advantage 200, 400 & 500 has the outpatient insurance plans
  • Physiotherapist & Chiropractor claims available to Advantage 400 & 500 only.
  • Premiums and claims are all transacted in USD.
  • Rates subject to GST

Now, the upside of AIG Globalhealth :

  • Covers expensive Diagnostic and Laboratory Services like MRI, CT Scans.
  • Open to foreigners in Asian countries and expatriates who want specialist treatment in Singapore.
  • Pays for expensive prescribed drugs from specialist clinics.
  • Offers Dental coverage for all plans
  • Has deductible option to lower the premiums, thus managing costs.
  • The only retail outpatient insurance available to the individual, without having to buy as a company group insurance.
  • No requirement to be referred by a GP. (You can just go to the specialist direct)
  • Able to renew up to age 80
  • The Proposer may add his/her spouse, and any unmarried children below age 21 to the Policy. Children cannot be added to the Policy unless a parent or a legal guardian is an insured person. An unmarried child who is over 21 but less than 23 may also be added if enrolled in full-time education.
  • Children born while either parent is an Insured Person may be added 15 days after birth upon request. The new born may enjoy free cover for the remainder of the policy year.
  • Great for expatriates, since the plan is yearly renewable.
  • Up to US$3,000,000 claim limit


The premiums for AIG Globalhealth Outpatient insurance plans?
Starts from as low as $393/annum for kids below the age of 19 years.


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*Private Medical Coverage with Advantage 400 and Advantage 500 plans (Best Plan for Expatriates)

Complete medical insurance cover Up to US$3,000,000 per year
Pre-hospitalization, Hospitalization, Post-hospitalization and Outpatient treatment Fully-covered
Oncology Fully-covered
Renal Dialysis Fully-covered
Organ transplant US$750,000 per disability
Hospice care US$10,000 lifetime benefit
Complementary medicine (chiropractor; osteopath; homeopath; podiatrist; speech therapist; dietician; Traditional Chinese Medicine) US$500 per year
AIDS/HIV US$100,000 lifetime benefit
Complications of Pregnancy Fully-covered
Private Nursing Fully-covered
Mental or Nervous Disorders US$5,000 per year US$10,000 lifetime benefit
Chronic Conditions Fully-covered
Emergency services Fully-covered


For more details & application of the plan, download AIG Globalhealth


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